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Our Process

Our Process

Our name says it all. We stay true to the art of 100% blue agave premium estate Tequila with our mastered and detailed process.


Verdadero Tequila starts by ensuring our blue weber agave piñas are trimmed very close to the heart, leaving almost a white appearance with very little green leafy exposure. This harvesting method allows for a cleaner fermentation and distillation process. This has a dramatic impact on the final flavor by not allowing a waxy flavor or texture to be present.


Our Tequilana blue weber agave piña ‘hearts’ are slowly steam-roasted in centuries old traditional thick stone walled brick ovens for 54 hours. This traditional art of ‘slow cooking’ in brick ovens prevents the cooked agave from caramelizing while softening the fibers and transforming the carbohydrates into fermentable sugars. These ovens help retain the sweet natural mellow flavors of the carefully grown agave. This “horno cooked agave” is combined with autoclave cooked agave to deliver the bridging of old and new methods, giving Verdadero Tequila its unique flavoring.


Sugar is extracted from the cooked agave via a shredding system, known as a ‘molino’. As the agave fibers pass through the molinos, the agave is squeezed releasing the sugar concentrated sweet juice while the fibers and juice are being washed with reverse osmosis water.


We utilize a slow fermentation process of about 60 hours to produce Verdadero’s full-bodied agave Tequila flavor. During this time natural occurring yeast is added to the agave juice. Many mass-produced tequilas are fermented for only 10 – 12 hours, resulting in a more neutral final tequila flavor.

Distillation, Single Batch

Verdadero Tequila is slowly twice distilled using pot stills. Some producers utilize column stills which produce a more neutral flavor. Our Verdadero Reposado and Añejo are then aged in first use American oak bourbon barrels.

Hand Labeling

The final step to our small batch, premium estate Tequila is to add our labels by hand.

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